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Order information

Please always include the following information with your delivery so that we can clearly assign the ads:

Client name
Campaign name
Booking period
Booked site
Positioning on the site
Ad format
Contact for queries
Nielsen product (optional)
Motif name (optional)

Delivery address for ads

Via eMail to:

Lead time/Delivery deadlines

Where not defined otherwise in the individual specifications:

Standard ad formats at least 3 working days
Ad specials at least 5 working days
When using standard ad formats or ad specials as fixed-position ads at least 5 working days
Tablet Apps ad formats (QAP) at least 10 working days

No. of motifs

No. of motifs 1 motif per booked position is standard
No. of motifs in the case of motif splits max. 3 motifs per position – lead times and possible technical surcharges for motif splits with more than 3 motifs on request


Florian Tempelhoff
Head of Programmatic & Yield / Head of CAMPAIGN SUCCESS
+49 211 887-2316
Marco Baklarz
Ad Manager
+49 211 887-1307
Andreas Borzutzky
Senior Ad Manager
+49 211 887-2378
Cem Ceremesiz
Ad Manager
+49 211 887-2671
Dirk Hanenberg
Senior Ad Manager
+49 211 887-2649
Alichan Magamaev
Ad Manager
+49 211 887-2375
Jana Schwerdt
Ad Managerin
+49 211 887-1849
Zlatina Tanev
Ad Managerin
+49 211 887-2636