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Schematic representation
wave / mp3-Format


Placement (depending on the booking) within the podcast in the PreRoll (1st ad slot after the intro), MidRoll (2nd ad slot in the middle of the content) and/or in the PostRoll (last ad slot after the content).
Wherever possible, please send the ads in ZIP file format via downloadlink to:

Special:5 working days before the insertion date


Depending on the placement booked, the podcast spot is placed in the PreRoll, MidRoll or PostRoll. The Adslot placements PreRoll and MidRoll are located internally, i.e. within the podcast stream. The PostRoll is a true post-roll placement (closer) that shows the spot after the editorial content. Please mind the variant of your sales product.

At least one spot is required. Several spots with different weightings can also be used in the distribution.

Compatible Products:

The Native Audio Ad can be used in all positions in any podcast product and has no limitations regarding ad products.

Technical data

Length / Duration:

* max. 30 Sec

Volume / Loudness

* between -15 and -17 LUFS,
* True Peak cannot exceed -1,0 

Formats of delivery:

Adaption to the file format & volume of the podcast: wave / mp3 format

Special information for this ad format

  • Direct Approach
  • Emotionalization
  • Clear Structure (intro and outro)
  • No reference to the editorial content permitted!
  • Neutral Speaker & Voice-Only:
    • No Music,
    • No Jingles,
    • No SFX

Please always note the following:

iq digital reserves the right to approve each motif on a case-by-case basis. Ads that do not meet the specifications, cause too much reactance or impair the use and general playout of the audio file of the podcast must be corrected by the delivering agency or can be rejected. The technical specifications of iq digital for advertising orders are subject to change. For this reason, these always only apply to the respective advertising order in the version valid at the time the advertising order was concluded.