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Schematic representation
Wherever possible, please send the ads in ZIP file format via downloadlink to:
Special:5 working days before the insertion date


Powerful branding display ad for all newsletters

Technical data

600 x 200 px
File format:
jpg, png
max. 50 Kb

Formats of delivery:

as physical file

Delivery is only possible as JPG, PNG

Click-Tracking (as URL)

External Click Tracking (ClickCommand) can be built in

Please always note the following:


iq digital reserves the right to approve each ad motif on the basis of a case-by-case decision. Ads that do not comply with the specifications, result in excessive reactance (CPU load of average user devices) or impair use and general performance of the pages must be corrected by the agency delivering the ad or can be rejected. The technical specifications of iq digital are subject to change. For this reason, technical specifications apply to the respective advertising order in the version valid at the time the advertising order is concluded.