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Schematic representation
wave / mp3-Format

Native Audio Advertorial Ad.png

Placement of the teaser within the podcast in the PreRoll (1st ad slot after the intro) and placement of the extended spot in the PostRoll (last ad slot after the content).
Wherever possible, please send the ads in ZIP file format via downloadlink to:

Special:5 working days before the insertion date


This ad expands the storytelling format with a longer post-roll placement. The advertising message is divided into two advertising blocks: A 30-second pre-roll teaser is thematically combined with a post-roll that can take up to 4 minutes of advertising time, so that the advertising message is spread over two placements within a stream. This allows the format to tell a brand or product story within a podcast episode. The ad slots are firmly linked to each other and are always distributed within one stream and within a fixed sequence.

For this form of advertising, at least two different spots are required: PreRoll Teaser + Extended PostRoll. Several spots with different weightings can also be used in the distribution.

Compatible Products

The Native Advertorial Ad can only be used for fixed (storytelling) placements of specific individual podcast episodes.

Technical data

Length / duration:

PreRoll-Teaser: max. 30 Sec
Extended PostRoll: max. 240 Sec

Volume / Loudness

* between -15 and -17 LUFS,
* True Peak cannot exceed -1,0 

Formats of delivery:

Adaption to the file format & volume of the podcast: wave / mp3 format

Special information for this ad format

  • For legal reasons, the extended PostRoll ad must be introduced with an advertising separator e.g. “Es folgt ein Werbebeitrag” (English: Advertising follows); if the delivered spot does not integrate this disclaimer, we will add this disclaimer
  • Direct Approach
  • Emotionalization
  • Clear Structure (intro and outro)
  • No reference to the editorial content permitted!
  • Neutral Speaker
  • No Music, No SFX*
  * Disruptive sound effects and music are not recommended in order not to disturb the native listening experience.

Please always note the following:

iq digital reserves the right to approve each motif on a case-by-case basis. Ads that do not meet the specifications, cause too much reactance or impair the use and general playout of the audio file of the podcast must be corrected by the delivering agency or can be rejected. The technical specifications of iq digital for advertising orders are subject to change. For this reason, these always only apply to the respective advertising order in the version valid at the time the advertising order was concluded.