SSL conformity (HTTPS)

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The following basically applies

The SSL protocol (Secure Sockets Layer) is used by secure websites to encrypt the communication between the server and the browser of the user. All elements loaded onto the website must use SSL to ensure that the website is SSL-enabled.

All elements of a campaign and all content of a creative must be delivered or externally provided as HTTPS-compatible components.
  1. Source references within HTML(5) projects
  2. 3rd-party script redirect tags (URL + underlying resources)
  3. 3rd-party iFrame redirect tags (URL + underlying resources)
  4. Other externally referenced and hosted resources (e.g. agency counting pixels)

For warranty purposes, the protocol of the various resource URLs must be set to HTTPS. Please do not simply replace "http://" with "https://", but also ensure that all resources referenced via the URL are also hosted on SSL-certified servers. Please therefore check whether the systems you use or commission to host the ads provide this option as standard.

If SSL compatibility is not ensured, serving on SSL-encrypted pages is not possible. iq digital assumes no liability for any resulting under-delivery or display and measuring errors. This condition is designed to ensure compliance with the developments of the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) and the resulting growth in importance of SSL-compatible advertising resources.