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1st Quarter 2023

01.01.2023: Advertising forms renamed

Folgende Werbeformen wurden umbenannt:

3rd Quarter 2022

01.09.2021: New 'Initial Load' file weight for mobile ad formats

The 'Initial Load' file weights for mobile ad formats have been increased from 50kb to 100kb.

3rd Quarter 2021

23.08.2021: Change in provision of advertising formats as 3rd party redirect

The provision/delivery of 3rd party redirects for advertising formats is only to be performed as <iFrame>-Tag for an optimised booking process.
The general requirement for providing 3rd party redirects can be found in the approval on the respective technical specifications of an advertising form.

2nd Quarter 2021

23.06.2021: Change of technical specification for the following forms of advertising

  1. The Mobile Rollover Ad has been changed to the common term Mobile Interscroller (BVDW, OVK).
  2. The Rollover Content Billboard has been removed and is no longer offered.
  3. The Rollover Halfpage Ad was removed and is no longer offered

May 3rd 2021: Change of Technical Specifications for Tablet Advertising Form Fullscreen Ad

The delivery format GIF has been removed due to technical difficulties in the apps.

April 30th 2021: Change of Technical Specifications for Stationary Advertising Form Rollover Event

In order to avoid misunderstandings in the communicative differentiation regarding the delivery of advertising media, the following adjustment has been made:

Merging of the stationary advertising formats Rollover Event and Homepage Takeover (Variant Rollover).

  1. The advertising form: Rollover Event adapts the technical specifications of the advertising form: Homepage Takeover (Variant Rollover) with immediate effect.
  2. The designation Homepage Takeover (Variant Rollover) is no longer used. There is now only one combined homepage variant with rollover functionality (= Rollover Event).
  3. Old offers remain valid as always

2nd Quarter 2020

April 1st 2020: technical specifications with new interface and content optimisation

There are numerous changes to the technical specifications of iq digital which are briefly outlined below.

Uniform structure: to ensure improved structuring of ad format specifications, each page comprises the following elements:

  1. Technical data – (format sizes, file size …)
  2. Provision of formats – (physical or 3rd-party)
  3. [OPTIONAL]: specific information for the called ad format
  4. Basic requirement – basic specifications for all ad formats at a glance

Initial subload: when the LEAN guidelines and the New Ad Portfolio were published by the IAB Tech Lab, the concept of initial load/subload was introduced in the technical specifications of iq digital to replace the previous “polite download”. This concept provides for the division of the total file size into an initial and a subsequently loaded part. Loading of the advertising content is initially limited to the initial part in order to optimise the loading times of the webpages and to boost user awareness. See File sizes and loading phases for more information..

Synchronisation – technical specifications

  1. No longer any differentiation between billboard rotation and fixed position (there is now only one ad format page)
  2. Page-specific format allocation for wide rectangle no longer applicable (there is now only one format size)
  3. Expandable features have been removed (removed from the portfolio last year due to the LEAN guidelines)
  4. Transformed ad formats of the type “stationary” (10:1 – 1:1) have been renamed “IAB New Ad Portfolio (static-size)” in preparation for future flex ad types of these ad formats.