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Some advertisers use the ad server of a third-party provider to provide their creatives. If an advertiser sends a creative code (also known as 3rd-party ad tag) which calls another ad server, trafficking for this creative is as a 3rd-party creative.

The responsible creative agency or 3rd-party host must test the techniques used in the creative code for cross-browser and cross-device compatibility and ensure the executability of the ad presentation in the relevant environments. So that exclusions are unnecessary, the agency/host is also responsible for ensuring a suitable fallback solution within the ad presentation in the case of non-compatible browsers.


1. The method of provision of the 3rd-party ad tag as <IFRAME> tag as well as the format sizes, file types and file sizes contained therein can be found in the relevant specifications for an ad format and must be complied with.
2. All components belonging to the ad presentation must remain in the ad iFrame tag of the marketer or 3rd-party host and must not access the top window/frame of the serving website across different domains.
3. All elements of a campaign and all content of a creative must be supplied or provided externally as HTTPS-compatible components – also see SSL conformity (HTTPS).
4. The ad format must always initially deactivate sound and may only activate sound based on a deliberate user interaction. The volume must be set as follows: EBU R 128 standard radio level.
5. Animations must not be longer than 30 seconds. Looping is only permitted during this time.
6. Changes following initial provision of the3rd-party redirect and approval by iq Ad Management are not permitted or must be communicated and coordinated in advance.

Click and impression tracking

It must be ensured that click counting by iq digital is possible. For this purpose, it is necessary to correctly insert the ad server macros of the marketer for the counting of clicks or to prevent browser caching in the 3rd-party ad tag.

In the event that the marketer ad server cannot automatically assign the required macros for the counting of clicks and cache busting to the 3rd-party ad tag, the agency should also supply instructions for positioning of the relevant macros or label the positions at which the macro in question for click and cache busting is to be inserted – with corresponding placeholders in the 3rd-party tag.
The 3rd-party creative must define the clickable areas within the creative code and, when clicked, must execute target forwarding including triggering of marketer click counting. The link to the landing page must open a new window.

Other tracking tools

The serving of additional scripts/services for tracking/measurement of parameters other than those required for reporting on campaign performance (e.g. impression counting, click counting and coordinated ad verification) is not permitted and must be communicated and approved in advance. Please refer in particular to the requirements for compliance with data protection regulations and the ban on the creation of profiles from the utilisation behaviour of users on the websites of iq digital (General Terms and Conditions of Business). iq digital reserves the right to reject this kind of tracking.

IAB TCF 2.0 (GDPR macro)

iq digital only admits technology service providers (vendors) for the delivery of advertisements and coordinated tracking that comply with the rules of IAB-TCFv2.0 (Transparency and Consent Franemwork) and have been approved for inclusion on our customers websites (see: Overview technology provider).

The provision of tracking (e.g. tracking pixels) for advertising media or 3rd party redirects must be inclusive GDPR macro (gdpr and gdpr_consent). The creator of the tracking /3rd-party URL makes sure that these parameters are replaced with its ID value (GVL-ID), added only once and passed to services that expect and can handle them correctly.

URL parameter Corresponding Macro Representation in URL*
gdpr GDPR &'gdpr=${GDPR}
gdpr_consent GDPR_CONSENT_XXXXX -
XXXXX represents the numerical Vendor ID (Global Vendor List)
Example: &gdpr_consent=${GDPR_CONSENT_123} for Vendor ID 123.

Source: IAB GDPR-Transparency-and-Consent-Framework.

* The actual provision of the parameters within the final URL may differ from the above example with respect to separators (& or ;).